Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bandon Dunes for Men's Journal

Last October we shot a quick story for Men's Journal's Best of 2010. The lead for the article was Bandon Dunes Golf course, which is an amazing traditional links style golf course on the coast of Oregon. I'm not a golfer but this course was utterly spectacular and clearly challenging. The wind howls off the ocean most days, rain should be expected and the course is wiley, tricky and unforgiving. Apparently the head coach at Bandon Dunes can play the course with just a putter. I thought that was rather impressive.

Below are some out takes from the shoot that didn't make the magazine. And a link to photographer, Wood Sabold who has spent a great deal of time photographing the course in stunning style: www.woodsabold.com

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Charles said...

Beautiful shots! Dreamy indeed.