Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Wee Discovery

Ploughing through images getting my entries ready for the Center Awards, deadline tonight, and found these little gems.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011 Mailers

I just brought my 2011 mailers back to the office. Very excited! Thanks to Girlie Press for bashing these out super fast and super perfect. The best colour reproduction experience I have ever had, amazing.

Of course the official approval of the artwork was conducted my Sir Sausage. Apart from a rather foul stink coming from the off-gassing mailers, Sir Sausage was thoroughly impressed.

I have printed 5 different mailers. They are 17"x 11" posters that contain three images each and all my contact info. These will slip into some custom envelopes that I am currently having printed and head off into the world.

At the end of last year I changed my list service provider over to Agency Access and I have been using their database service to generate contact lists. I then supplement my Agency Access lists with my own ones which have previous clients and other handpicked peeps who I would love to work with. Combined the lists total 500 select contacts.

Here are some awesome blogs and blog postings that I have found invaluable in helping me develop this years mailers:
Jasmine DeFoore, Pt. One
Jasmine DeFoore, Pt. Two
Jasmine DeFoore, Pt. Three

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bandon Dunes for Men's Journal

Last October we shot a quick story for Men's Journal's Best of 2010. The lead for the article was Bandon Dunes Golf course, which is an amazing traditional links style golf course on the coast of Oregon. I'm not a golfer but this course was utterly spectacular and clearly challenging. The wind howls off the ocean most days, rain should be expected and the course is wiley, tricky and unforgiving. Apparently the head coach at Bandon Dunes can play the course with just a putter. I thought that was rather impressive.

Below are some out takes from the shoot that didn't make the magazine. And a link to photographer, Wood Sabold who has spent a great deal of time photographing the course in stunning style:

Monday, January 10, 2011

New Zealand & the Year Ahead

Happy New!
I spent the holidays Down Under this year with family and friends. What special places Australia and New Zealand are, WOW! We hiked the Abel Tasman Coastal Track in New Zealand for five days with our 14 month old scamp of a lad strapped to my back. Celebrated Christmas with my first ever glass of sparkling red wine (Sparkling Shiraz). Visited one of my best buddies in Sydney for three days. And introduced my son to his Great Uncle Herbert in Wellington. Its been a jam packed holiday. Below are a couple of moody landscapes from New Zealand. I took these during the ferry crossing from Picton on the South Isle to Wellington on the North.

Over the past few weeks I have tuned into some really fabulous new music ranging from bad DnB beats to juicy deep House and lots of ragga, reggae and dancehall in between. Music is hands down my biggest source of inspiration and I have lots of exciting new personal projects in the pipeline for this year. 2011 is going to be all about pushing the envelope!

Welcome to the New Year!