Monday, March 28, 2011

There are no distractions

I am super excited to get this up on the blog! Back in January I teamed up with a fellow Englishman, Wade Jackson, to create this motion piece, my first foray into the world of motion video. Wade and I have since collaborated on a few other projects and have a string of motion pieces in the pipeline for 2011.

The star of the show is Falesha Ankton, professional hurdler extraordinaire and a cosmic example of a dedicated athlete. Falesha is sponsored by Brooks Sports. She braved frigid temperatures, high winds, a super late night and still looked great on camera. Massive thanks to Falesha for being so brave and so utterly awesome.

Press play, I hope you enjoy!

Friday, March 11, 2011

From Alaska

I'm currently shooting up in New Stuyahok Village, Alaska. We came up here to photograph a Caribou hunt but upon our arrival we found out that the village has run out of petrol, not a drop in town. Everyone is stuck in the village and without means of transport we can't head out on our planned adventures. Nevertheless we are busy shooting portraits about the village and also shooting a short documentary piece on Yup'ik subsistence life in New Stuyahok.

While we wait for a fuel plane to fly in we are enjoying a rare treat in Bristol Bay Alaska, bright sunshine and clear blue skies, rather chilly of course! Below are a few snaps I captured on my iPhone on the way up here.