Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LEGENDS: In Need of Some Sunshine?

I forgot I had this photo from Hawaii and thought to dig it out and let the sun shine, it certainly ain't shinning here in Seattle. I have a few up coming shoots in the pipeline but I'm searching for a little ray of inspiration to get my juices flowing.

In the meantime here is a "legend" that I came across recently and who's work I think is fabulous. Lots of good sunshine!

Christopher Wilson:
Before Christopher established his photography business he worked as an art director for clients including Audi. Not only do I love Audi and their "Vorsprung durch Technik", but their imagery is certainly some of the finest out there and Chris was at the forefront of establishing that vision; it shows in his work.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Round Up from New Stuyahok

I'm just about to hop on a plane out of here and back to Seattle today. Sadly the weather turned warm and all the snow has melted. The rivers are like sad, derelict ice rinks and a little difficult to travel on. As a result subsistence life here is on pause.

Still this trip has been very illuminating and loads of fun. Fingers-crossed the weather might cool again and dump a load of snow, and I'll back up here as quick as a March hare. It is an el nino year this year after all as Father Ivan pointed out to me last night, which explains the warm weather. Below is a round up of images from the trip.

See you back in Seattle!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Urban Triathlete

Two weeks ago I spent the weekend working with a triathlete called Adrian Santic. Adrian was a photographers dream model/athlete: totally into making cool photographs and dedicated to getting the job done. We had him running up stairs, running around dirty truck yards, cycling up and down under a bridge and all in the rain and cold of night. I was blown away by his commitment and fitness level, and reminded how much I love working with athletes! Thanks to Adrian and the rest of the crew for making the weekend so productive. We had a blast. Below are a few of the cycling images. A great new pal of mine Janko Williams did the postproduction.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Flying to Alaska

I'm writing from Dillingham, Alaska on my way up to a remote village called New Stuyahok. I'm heading up to photograph the winter lifestyle of Yup'ik Eskimos and create the next story for a new personal project I am working on called Seasons of Subsistence. This should be a great trip with dog sledge racing, ice-fishing and New Stuyahok's winter festival, I can't wait. Flying into Dillingham this afternoon was wild! I have never been up here in the winter and seeing the vast tundra frozen and covered with ice was breathtaking; even the great Nushagak River was frozen solid. So a winter adventure ahead. I hope to be blogging semi-regularly (when internet access permits) so stay-tuned to the blog or check-out the news section of Seasonsofsubsistence.com

The iPhone photo was taken just before making our decent into Dillingham - crazy how the blades from the prop have appeared in the image!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Seasons of Subsistence Online

What better way to start the week than by launching a new website: www.seasonsofsubsistence.com

Seasons of Subsistence is a new project in which I am documenting the lives of Native Alaskans living in Bristol Bay. The project all started in the summer of 2009 when I was invited to photograph a group of Yup'ik Eskimos at their summer fishing camp on the banks of the Nushagak River. Every summer five families migrate 160 miles down river to a place called Lewis Point where they set up camp and wait for the returning king salmon. Three generations work side-by-side, catching and smoking fish in much the same way as their ancestors hundreds of years before.

Over the course of my time at Lewis Point I learned more about Yup'ik life and the subsistence lifestyle they lead. Living season to season, the families of Lewis Point hunt and gather up to 80% of their calories from the land. Inspired by these families and their ability to lead a subsistence lifestyle in North America despite mounting social and environmental shifts, I committed myself to telling their story of life on the tundra.

So, a new website and the beginning of a two year initiative to document Native Life in Bristol Bay through a series of multimedia stories. From the king salmon harvest at Lewis Point to the last walrus hunters of Togiak Village, Seasons of Subsistence captures a remarkable culture and a disappearing way of life. Please join me here on my blog or over at seasonsosubsistence.com for up to date info and to follow my adventures in Bristol Bay.