Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Flying to Alaska

I'm writing from Dillingham, Alaska on my way up to a remote village called New Stuyahok. I'm heading up to photograph the winter lifestyle of Yup'ik Eskimos and create the next story for a new personal project I am working on called Seasons of Subsistence. This should be a great trip with dog sledge racing, ice-fishing and New Stuyahok's winter festival, I can't wait. Flying into Dillingham this afternoon was wild! I have never been up here in the winter and seeing the vast tundra frozen and covered with ice was breathtaking; even the great Nushagak River was frozen solid. So a winter adventure ahead. I hope to be blogging semi-regularly (when internet access permits) so stay-tuned to the blog or check-out the news section of

The iPhone photo was taken just before making our decent into Dillingham - crazy how the blades from the prop have appeared in the image!

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Jenna, Nick + Finn said...

What an amazing shot! I love it when cameras shake up our perception of reality. And make you think. How could a plan fly if it had vertical propellers? We are missing you already but can't wait to see what visual stories you will bring home with you!