Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011 Mailers

I just brought my 2011 mailers back to the office. Very excited! Thanks to Girlie Press for bashing these out super fast and super perfect. The best colour reproduction experience I have ever had, amazing.

Of course the official approval of the artwork was conducted my Sir Sausage. Apart from a rather foul stink coming from the off-gassing mailers, Sir Sausage was thoroughly impressed.

I have printed 5 different mailers. They are 17"x 11" posters that contain three images each and all my contact info. These will slip into some custom envelopes that I am currently having printed and head off into the world.

At the end of last year I changed my list service provider over to Agency Access and I have been using their database service to generate contact lists. I then supplement my Agency Access lists with my own ones which have previous clients and other handpicked peeps who I would love to work with. Combined the lists total 500 select contacts.

Here are some awesome blogs and blog postings that I have found invaluable in helping me develop this years mailers:
Jasmine DeFoore, Pt. One
Jasmine DeFoore, Pt. Two
Jasmine DeFoore, Pt. Three

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