Saturday, June 19, 2010

Satisfaction is fleeting

I dream an idea
It takes form
It inspires me
I plan, prepare and research
I sketch, produce, and conquer
I love it, I'm proud of it, I'm pleased with myself
I hate it!
I start again
But most importantly I grow...

Satisfaction with my images is fleeting. It comes on strong and seduces me with euphoric satisfaction and pride only to peak in the realisation that it could be better. I'm not talking about simply wishing I made something better upon analysing it to death. Of course, we can always find weakness in something we have made and find ways to improve upon it. More so I'm talking about the fragility of our own satisfaction in our creations. Is it boredom? We look at it so much that its appeal dissipates with the waxing tide of its originality. Or is it something to do with the concept that every answer leads to a new question? The moment of creating something that was once an idea or a moment of inspiration leaves a void or a vacuum and a new idea must fill the space in our creative bank. We may not know what that idea is yet but there in lies the elegance of our fleeting satisfaction. It drives us to create again, to seek out inspiration, and improve on our previous invention. So in creating our newest work we also create our next idea. And isn't that exciting? A never-ending engine of creativity. As long as we keep ourselves well oiled, inspired and open to new ideas the potential is infinite!


Sam Perry said...

So very true. You put it much better than I could have articulated.

I often find myself asking friends, family, associates about the impact/validity of an image. Specifically, now that I am splitting off my commercial work from wedding in hopes of moving to commercial full-time. Creating a new identity ( with a revamped portfolio leaves me wondering how strong some of my old favorites are and where new energy will come from.

Luckily, I have 'trained eyes' helping me sort through the pile.

Again, great post. And, great work... very inspiring.


Blake Burton said...

Well said...everytime I go out and shoot, I feel like "this is my best work," only to go back out again and try to do better each time. Its what keeps me and many others interested in photography in the first place. There is always room for improvement and to try new things.

Its good to never be completely satisfied with your work, in any profession!

Keep up the good work!

Blake Burton