Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One Weekend

Last weekend was hectic. Saturday morning we plunged into the freezing waters of Lake Washington with Adrian Santic, my good friend and Ironman triathlete. And then Sunday we hit the road and dashed up to Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National park for a running shoot, with marathon runner Nancy Blakey. A lot of fun was had, I drank too much tea, our lunch was stolen by some alpine crows, and we made some great imagery. The results are below.

There is something so profoundly exhilarating about working with athletes that I love. Something about the total commitment it requires to put in 30+ hours of training a week and maintain a full-time job. Or perhaps the 5am swimming sessions. Or perhaps the mental strength required to run a marathon, then swim 2 miles and then cycle 100 miles all in one sitting. Whatever it is these guys have more determination that a rhino in heat and are prepared to do all that it takes to get the job done. When on a photoshoot that translates into some seriously committed individuals who, much to my delight, are 110% committed to getting just the right shot.

Massive thank yous to Adrian and Nancy for being such warriors last weekend!

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Will Austin said...

Fantastic as always Nick, so glad I found your blog! Now it's off to the gym I go....